9 December 2020

Flying Sommelier Arosa

Have you ordered take-away or are you cooking at home yourself and now you're missing the right wine to go with it? No problem!
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Flying Sommelier Arosa

How often have you planned a cosy evening at home and then you realise that a suitable wine is missing - or even worse, the one you have is not enough. The "Flying Sommelier" will gladly come to your home and bring one or more bottles - at the right drinking temperature. Ready to drink!

Where to order?
- by phone +41 (0)79 708 43 60
- by mail ilprimoposto@outlook.com
- free delivery service or to pick up in the restaurant (without glasses)

What to order?
- Sparkling wines, white wines, red wines
- Wine advice on request on the phone
- The range of wines is shown on the wine list

The wines are delivered at the right drinking temperature so that you can enjoy them straight away.

Details of the establishment
The restaurant "Il Primo Posto" is a Mediterranean restaurant in the heart of Innerarosa, which places great emphasis on fine wines. The main focus is on Italian and Spanish wines, but the Graubünden region is also represented in a variety of ways. Also not to be missed are some "pirates" that were simply too good to pass up.

You won't find big names on our wine list, we are looking for the still unknown, small winery with equally good wines.

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Reto Hofmann
To the Profile
Since last summer, the restaurant has been under the new management of Reto Hofmann, who previously worked for several years as F&B manager and sommelier at the Arosa Kulm Hotel.
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