27 January 2021

Cordonbleu at Erzhorn

"We didn't invent it, we just made it even better." The cordonbleu at Erzhorn is now also available as a takeaway.
Cordonbleu at Erzhorn

"We didn't invent it, we just made it even better".

There are several theories about the origin of the recipe, but no certainty. How the name cordonbleu evolved is also not clear. What is certain is that the term cordonbleu in French is a metaphor for high culinary art and goes back to the broad, sky-blue ribbon on which the golden cross of the elite Order of the Holy Ghost from the 16th century was worn.
The addition "à la cordon bleu" is found in older French cookery books and means "in the manner of high cooking". The oldest known mention of the schnitzel cordon bleu is in Harry Schraemli's 1949 book From Lucullus to Escoffier, and it was included by Banzer/Friebel in the fourth edition of Die Hotel- und Restaurationsküche in 1956 with the note "This dish has become popular in recent years." It has been in the German Duden since 1967."

History or not, the cordonbleu from the Erzhorn has long been considered a highlight on the menu. But the take-away offer also includes other classics, let yourself be inspired. 


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Marc Nau
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Marc Nau runs the Hotel Restaurant Erzhorn together with his family, in a beautifully sunny location in Arosa. The family agrees: "We probably can't change the world, but the Arosa sun, a delicious meal and a kind word make it seem more beautiful."
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