22 January 2021

Ahaan Thai Restaurant

How did it come that the traditional house Kulm opened a Thai restaurant?
AlpArosa | © 1Xanders GmbH
How it all began...

Arosa train station. An old freight shed. Built in 1917, it stands there inconspicuous and at the same time stoic, waiting to be made to sparkle like a rough diamond. That's exactly what happened. A good 6 years ago, the idea of transforming this old shed into a place to be was first conceived. After a construction phase with many challenges and active support from the RhB and a lot of local manpower, Marc Bachmann and his team were allowed to open its doors 3 years ago. The walls and the name have remained. Otherwise it is hardly recognizable. Mission accomplished. The inconspicuous shed has been transformed into a place where young and old feel at home. In addition to the culinary delights and ambience, it also boasts a breathtaking view of the lake against a backdrop of beautiful mountains.

The offer
Whether by the blazing fireplace in the lounge, in the restaurant, at the bar or on the terrace. The Güterschuppen shines with its team and its guests around the bet. Chef Martin and his team take guests on a culinary journey through the Alps - with exciting detours to the Orient. The brunch menu tempts with various omelettes, shakshuka, pancakes, bagles and granolas. At lunchtime and in the evening, the kitchen team conjures up dishes such as beef ribs, ox bäggli, dry aged côte de porc but also vegan dishes such as the fregola sarda risotto, alpine mezze or the Jerusalem artichoke hay soup. The Josper charcoal oven skillfully lights the fire under the grill of the goods shed dishes with up to 350°C. And the great thing is that the kitchen crew never runs out of ideas and always surprises the guests with creative dishes. 

The excellent bar
In 2020, the Güterschuppen made it into the ranking of the 101 best bars in Switzerland in the Swiss Barguide 2020/2021. The gin selection alone is impressive. This winter, there's even a hot gin with homemade tonic on offer. But Jonas' own creations such as the Snowflake (Gin Sour Variation), the Mountain Suzie (Suze &Tonic) or the Will Swiss (Williams & Swiss spirits) also arouse curiosity and delight the palate in equal measure. With plenty of background stories about the individual spirits and their producers, the bartenders go into raptures. Of course, the local Arosabräu from Ruth and Dave is not to be missed.

Bands and DJs provide regular entertainment
The Güterschuppen has 20 employees and is entering its 4th winter season this year. 
In winter 20/21, the Güterschuppen will additionally spoil its guests in the Popup Chalet by the lake. For the time being with take-away from 11 am to 6 pm

Come on by! 


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