13 January 2021

Ahaan Thai Restaurant

How did it come that the traditional house Kulm opened a Thai restaurant?
Ahaan Thai Restaurant | © Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa
Ahaan Thai Restaurant | © Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa
Ahaan Thai Restaurant | © Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa
Ahaan Thai Restaurant | © Arosa Kulm Hotel & Alpin Spa
At Ahaan Thai you can enjoy delicious specialties from the Far East. But how did it actually come that a Thai restaurant was opened in the traditional Kulm house?

The Thai royal family lived mainly in Lausanne in the 1930s. Ananda Mahidol, who became king in 1934 at the age of nine, went to school there, as did his younger brother Bhumibol Adulyadej, born in 1927. To learn skiing, the Royal Family regularly came to Arosa to the Kulm until 1943. A black-and-white photograph shows Bhumibol as a boy in a double-breasted suit with tie and skis strapped on. King Ananda died under mysterious circumstances in 1946; Bhumibol succeeded him and remained on the throne for a full 70 years until his death in October 2016, making him the longest-serving head of state of the 20th century.

In 1988, then-hotel director Christoph Ziegler and chef Rudy Egli brought Thai chefs to the Kulm and opened Ahaan Thai. The trio of chefs from Bangkok remained loyal to the Kulm for 20 years - always during the winter season. At the beginning, the traditional dishes were served in the appropriately decorated Plessur and only a few seasons later in the current restaurant Ahaan Thai. The current location was then the fish restaurant BELUGA. The Ahaan Thai was consecrated by Thai monks and was a great success from the beginning. For a long time there was always a candle burning in the hung temple. The portrait of Bhumibol Adulyadej adorns the elegant Thai restaurant in the Kulm.

To this day, Ahaan Thai is the most successful Thai restaurant in Arosa. Still every year 3 top chefs are flown in from Bangkok especially for the winter season and spoil the guests with the authentic Thai cuisine. For several years now, the delicacies can also be ordered take-away - with pick-up or delivery. We look forward to your visit!

Janine Ryser
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